Binary Domain


The Machine Age has begun in the immersive and atmospheric squad-based shooter Binary Domain. Regain control of a futuristic Tokyo from an emerging robotic threat in the year 2080. The story starts when Dan Marshall and his squad are sent to bring the robotic community under control as they begin to infiltrate society and slowly take over undetected, leaving humans redundant in their wake. Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an international peace-keeping squad that soon starts to question their surroundings and the choices they make. Are the robots becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like machines? Thrilling encounters with these highly intelligent robotic enemies require you to think tactically, make challenging, real-time moral decisions and build up trust with your team mates in order to guide your squad to safety and success.

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Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+ – PS4 (Digital) – This time a new menace is taking over the Wood Lands with a black substance that is absorbing life and energy from all living creatures!

Will you be skilled enough to help Woodle in his quest to repel this enormous new evil force?

Explore the wonderful lands and find a way to restore balance in this new Open World Platformer Adventure with RPG elements.

Travel across immense forests and deserts, hills and seashores, from the highest mountains to the bottomless oceans as you meet new characters that will help in your own

personal adventure while fighting challenging enemies.

Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+ – PS4 (Digital) features:

      • A vast world to explore freely!
      • Platforming sections completely redesigned for the most hardcore gamers in this new Deluxe Edition
      • Fast paced new abilities and puzzles
      • Power ups and items to upgrade Woodle and the helpful Leaf
      • local co-op up to 4 players to experience the main adventure with your friends!
      • New bizarre characters that you’ll meet meet during your quest: will they help or hinder you?