Beatblasters III


Steam Big PictureAbout the GameWelcome to Accapella! When Joey and Gina arrive in the musically starved town that outlawed groovy tunes, a chance encounter with the music hating tyrannical ruler of the town (and local butcher) sends them flying. Now lost in the wilderness outside town, Joey and Gina have made it their mission to return to Accapella and put an end to The Butcheru2019s reign of silence. To make it back theyu2019ll need to earn the trust and aid of the zany locals by helping them with all manner of chores and tasks. Armed only with the power of music and rhythm, Joey and Gina are in for the adventure of a lifetime! Key FeaturesCombination rhythm game and action-platformer.Strange world filled with fantastical, original creatures.3 music powered abilities : An attack power, a shield and a pair of rocket boots.Refill your powers by tapping your fingers to the groovy beat.An awesome electro soundtrack for each character.Unlock new powers as you advance through the levels.Unlock Insane mode for additional challenge.

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