Cargo Commander


In a galaxy far far away, you are one of thousands of Cargo Commanders, facing ambushes and dangers as they scavenge abandoned containers for valuable cargo. Competing with the other commanders for leaderboard positions in various space sectors, you need to find enough cargo to earn you way back home! The main job of a Cargo Commander is to explore containers and collect as much cargo as possible. Upgrade your equipment to stay alive! Choose a name and get your unique sector to explore and share with your friends! Use your fistcannon to drill through hulls and platforms, to create shortcuts, change the battlefield or allow you to take a nice stroll through space into another container. Each sector has its own leaderboard. Challenge your friends and reach the top to claim the famed employee of the sector cap. Find the corpses of other players where they died in their vain attempts at out-performing you and rid them of their caps or ammo.

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